Happy Holidays!

The tree is all dressed in gold and red
A dog’s sleeping soundly in a memory foam bed

It’s Christmas at Dogman, a time of joy
There’s a cat playing fetch with a catnip toy

The outside world is covered in snow
Adding extra sparkle to the Christmas glow

We are waiting for Santa, he is almost here
With a sack full of gifts to near and dear

Fingers crossed that he didn’t forget
To also bring presents for all of our pets

Maybe a toy, a bone or a treat
Something to play with, chew on, or eat

No matter a dog, bunny, or cat
a hamster, fish, bird or a rat

A wagging tail or a kind set of eyes
Bring so much love and joy in our lives

With this little greeting we wanted to send
Some extra love to your pet best friend

We wish you happiness, snow and sleighs
And happy and furry holidays!